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For most mold infestations, it's not a task that you should, or want to, do yourself.That's because removing mold isn't as simple as it seems. It takes more than a good scrub brush with some strong vinagar-based cleaning solution. Because mold and mold spores can be dangerous, and because it is a living organism, it must be removed carefully and thoroughly - or it will ssoon reassert its presence in your building.  As important, the work site must be isolated so as not to introduce mold to non-infested areas, and the cleaning materials must be packaged and disposed of in safe and hygenic manner. Kleen Condition specialists are trained and certified in the proper techniques and tools to ensure safe mold removal.

For waterproofing - you need equipment, you need experience and you need a trained staff. Kleen Condition offers all three.

Why Choose Kleen Condition?

In the end, to make you a customer, we have to earn your trust and confidence. Here's 6 reasons that make Kleen Condition your best and most trusted source of mold remediation:.

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    25 Years of Experience in TorontoMold Removal & GTA Waterproofing

    Not just anybody can (or should) do mold removal. It takes experience and training to ensure that it's done right, done safely, and addresses the entire problem. Kleen Condition has all of that.

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    Mold is a Health Hazard

    Kleen Condition provides the appropriate containment barriers and filtration to ensure that removing mold doesn't make the problem worse or jeopardize your family's health.

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    Good Prices & Good Value

    Kleen offers the best value in waterproofing and mold remediation services in the Toronto Area.

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    Certified Inspectors and Remediation

    To remove mold safely, training is everything. Kleen Condition inspectors and workmen are carefully trained in proper mold remediation and procedures.

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    Commercial & Residential

    Kleen Condition offers mold removal services for both homes and offices. For commercial clients, Kleen Conditions provides regular building inspections to ensure that managed properties stay mold-free..

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    We're in Your Neighborhood.

    With four locations in the Greater Toronto Arfea, Kleen Condition is able to respond quickly and thoroughly to projects anywhere in the area. We're ready when you are!.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much of a health hazard is mold?

Most people have, at a minimum, a natural allergic reaction to mold and mold spores.The seriousness of the reaction depends on the nature of the mold and whether the mold has been ingested into your lungs, sinuses or other cavities.  In some cases, mold exposure has been documented to cause death.

How can I tell if the mold in my basement is dangerous?

Chances are you can't. To be completely sure, you need a sample of the mold analyzed by an independent lab to specifically identify the type of mold that exists in your basement. THEN you can understand what type of risk you face with it being there and how urgent it is to remove it..

Are your services guaranteed?

All of our work is guaranteed and we have an independent lab certify that we have returned the property to normal environment.  If the source of the problem - e.g. moisture - is not resolved however, mold will return.

How much does mold removal cost?

This depends on the area being remediated and the severity of the infestation. Generally mold removal will be from $500 up. Kleen Condition always provides a detailed FREE quotation before any work is performed.

How long does mold remediation take?

The effort to remove mold depends heavily on the size of the area and the degree of infestation. Our objective is to restore the area to a level of "typical flora" as you might find anywhere. For more information read more about mold removal.

Once removed, will mold come back?

Mold occurs because it finds the conditions of your property allow it to thrive.  Generally this is about temperature and moisture.  If those conditions are not eliminated, mold will return eventually.

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