Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much of a health hazard is asbestos?
A. Breathing in asbestos fibers can cause death or serious diseases like asbestosis (difficulties in breathing), mesothelioma (cancer of the chest or abdominal cavity), and lung cancer (especially risky for smokers).

Q. How can I tell if I have asbestos?
A. Chances are you can’t. To be completely sure, you need a sample of the potentially asbestos containing material (like tiles, pipe wrap, plaster, etc.) analyzed by an independent lab to specifically identify the type of asbestos. THEN you can understand what type of risk you face with it being there and how urgent it is to remove it.

Q. Are your services guaranteed?
A. All of our work is guaranteed and we have an independent lab certify that we have returned the property to normal environment. We certify all our jobs – certificate comes from Kleen Condition or from Environmental Consultant.

Q. How much does asbestos removal cost?
A. This depends on the area being remediated and the type of asbestos. Generally, asbestos removal will be from $499 up and cost thousands of dollars depending on size and type of asbestos abatement needed. Kleen Condition always provides a detailed, FREE quotation before any work is performed.

Q. How long does asbestos remediation take?
A. The effort to remove asbestos depends heavily on the size of the area and the type of asbestos. Our objective is to remove Asbestos Containing Materials. For more information read more about asbestos removal.

Q. What happens once asbestos is removed?
A. Once Asbestos is removed and your property is brought back to normal environment Kleen Condition will provide a certificate (coming from our company of Environmental Consultant).

About Asbestos Removal

Asbestos should only be removed by insured, licensed professionals. Asbestos is a type of mineral used in construction until around 1987. It has insulating and fire-resistant qualities, which made it a popular building material. It has now been linked to a number of fatal, and debilitating, diseases such as cancer, lung scaring, mesothelioma and asbestosis. If you are planning to remove asbestos from your residence a full inspection and assessment should be conducted by an experienced asbestos abatement company. The removal of asbestos can expose the damaging fibres and cause the most risk

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