Attic mold should be removed by an experienced mold remediation firm.

Health Canada Residential Indoor Air Quality Guidelines 2007 states that “mould growth in residential buildings may pose a health hazard”.

Hazards vary by species of mould but Health Canada recommends all mould be treated as potentially harmful. Mould growths are usually a mix of species and occupants can be exposed to many airborne moulds in buildings. Most moulds cause some kind of irritant.

They Recommend the:

  • Repair of water damage and prevention of humidity to limit mould growth
  • Removal of visible and concealed mould regardless of the mould species

There are several reasons for mould growth in an attic:

  • Soffits are blocked with insulation or not properly vented for another reason
  • Bathroom or other household exhausts are venting moisture into the attic space
  • Lack of roof vents
  • Not enough or too much insulation
  • Leaking roof
  • Chimney flashings not installed, leaking, or installed improperly

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